Midwest Offset Aviation Tin Snips

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The Midwest Offset Aviation Tin Snips are high-quality, durable tools designed for precision and efficiency in sheet metal cutting tasks. These snips are best used for making long cuts or tight curvesKey features of this product include:GLIDETECH® FORGED BLADES: These blades are hot drop-forged of molybdenum alloy steel and Austemper® heat-treated to provide unequalled strength, longest lasting edge life, and the most precise cutting action.KUSH’N-POWER® compound leverage handle action: This feature multiplies handle force while providing a soft, sturdy, and comfortable grip.Offset design: This design flows material away from blades and positions the user’s hand above the material for best maneuverability.Cutting capacity: These snips have the capacity to cut 18 ga. cold-rolled sheet metal and 22 ga. stainless steel sheet metal.These snips are available in three cut patterns: left, right, and straight. All of the models will cut straight, but only the straight cut model will cut both left and right

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