Heat Reflective Roof Coatings

Heat Reflective Coatings

Shieldcoat Thermobond – Your Ultimate Heat Reduction Solution

Experience unprecedented comfort and cost savings with Shieldcoat Thermobond, your premier heat reduction solution. Independently tested alongside Ergon Energy and the Queensland University of Technology, Thermobond achieved remarkable cooling energy cost savings of 25–30% in various environments, from shopping centers to warehouses.

Thermobond HRC: Triple-Level Performance for Heat Reduction

Operating on three vital levels:

  • Solar Reflectivity: Drastically diminishes heat passage from the sun to the substrate.
  • Very High Heat Transfer Emissivity: Efficiently expels heat, ensuring a cooler environment.
  • Membrane Coating Thickness: Provides a protective layer, extending the life of building materials.

Versatile Applications for Heat Reduction:

Thermobond HRC is your go-to solution for almost any surface that would benefit from reduced temperatures due to direct sunlight. From metal and tiled roofs to walls, handrails, and unconventional surfaces like chicken sheds, piggeries, wheat silos, and water pipes.

Benefits of Shieldcoat Thermobond as a Heat Reduction Solution:

  • Lower air conditioning running costs
  • Significant electricity savings
  • Prolonged life of building materials
  • Cooler and more comfortable working environments
  • Easy application with minimal maintenance

Choose from Arctic White and a range of pastel colors to suit your aesthetic preferences and enjoy the peace of mind backed by our comprehensive 10-year Warranty.

Explore Shieldcoat Thermobond – Transform Your Space with Unrivaled Heat Reduction. Contact us today for a site visit, quotation, and expert advice.

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