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Innovative, Premium, Heat Reflective Solutions

Our heat reflective coatings offer cutting-edge solutions for optimizing comfort and energy efficiency in your space. Engineered to combat heat absorption, our coatings effectively reflect solar radiation, minimizing heat buildup. By reducing thermal transfer, our coatings contribute to a cooler indoor environment, reducing the need for excessive air conditioning and lowering energy costs. Whether applied to residential or commercial buildings, our heat reflective coatings provide year-round comfort while promoting sustainability. 

Application Process

Inspect the roof for any damage, such as cracks or loose tiles. Repair any issues before starting.


Clean the surface thoroughly to remove dirt, debris, and any existing coatings. We recommend using Shieldcoat Mossy, formulated to kill any growth that may be on your roof. After Mossy has had time to kill any growth, use a pressure washer to remove any other contaminants.


Begin the next step when roof is completely dry.

The roof should be primed according to the type of roof that Thermobond is being applied to. 

Choose the desired colour for your roof, Thermobond is only available in white and pastel tones only. You can view our factory colours here.


Apply the first coat of Thermobond evenly over the primed roof surface. Work in manageable sections to ensure thorough coverage and avoid overlapping marks. Pay special attention to edges, corners, and areas prone to water pooling or exposure.


Once the first coat is dry, apply the second coat of Thermobond following the same application method as the first coat. Ensure that the second coat is applied evenly and covers any missed spots or uneven areas from the first coat.

Testing: Ensure air monitoring or surface testing to verify the effectiveness of the encapsulation process and ensure that no asbestos fibers are being released into the air.


Clean-Up and Disposal: Clean up the work area thoroughly, disposing of any debris, used materials, and PPE according to local regulations and guidelines for asbestos-containing materials. Decontaminate tools and equipment used during the encapsulation process to prevent the spread of asbestos fibers.


Application Method: The method of choice for applying Shieldcoat Roof Coatings is a Paint Sprayer. However, you can also use a brush or roller. Ensure all coats are applied evenly onto roof surface. Ensure uniform coverage and pay special attention to seams and edges.


Approved Applicators: Ensure that the coating system is applied by an approved applicator. This guarantees the quality of the application and the effectiveness of the coating system.


Guarantee: When this coating system is applied by an approved applicator, it comes with a 15 year guarantee. This guarantee provides assurance of the coating system's performance and durability.


Maintenance: After the coating system is applied, regular maintenance is essential to preserve its effectiveness. Periodic cleaning is a must for keeping your roof in premium condition. 


Choice of Colours: We offer a range of 36 factory colours that you can view on our colour chart here. Additionally, we can tint any colour given a sample.

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