Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Shieldcoat?

At Shieldcoat, we believe in using high-quality raw materials in our products to ensure the best possible outcome. Unlike some of our competitors, we use ample amounts of quality raw materials, with the exception of water, fillers, and thickeners. By doing so, we are able to provide a superior product that delivers better results and lasts longer.

Who can buy Shieldcoat?

We sell our products to both retail customers and roof restorers. We’re happy to help any DIYer find the best solution for their roof. For the best results, we recommend using one of our approved applicators. If you send us an email, we can provide you with a selection of professionals who we know will do the job right.

What kind of guarantees or warranties come with Shieldcoat?

We offer a 10-year guarantee (for the 3-coat system) and 15-year guarantee (for the 4-coat system) against bubbling, peeling, or cracking.

Please note that our guarantee does not cover failure due to issues with the roof itself, previous coatings, or poor workmanship by the applicator. It’s crucial to choose a reputable applicator with a track record of quality work. While our product is outstanding, the success of the application also depends on proper preparation and environmental conditions. It’s best to apply the coating in clear weather with low humidity below 70 degrees, and when both air and substrate temperatures are above 10 degrees Celsius, and the surface is sound.


What types of Roofs can be restored using Shieldcoat?

We can provide solutions for almost all types of roofs, including corrugated iron, Colorbond steel, concrete tiles, Decramastic and pressed steel roofs, as well as membranes and asbestos.


What are the steps required to prepare the roof for Shieldcoat application?

To prepare the roof for Shieldcoat, we recommend using a roof cleaning solution such as Mossy diluted at a ratio of 10 parts water to 1 part Mossy. This should be followed by a pressure wash with a minimum flow rate of 15 litres per minute and pressure of 3500-4000 psi.

If there is any rust on the roof, it should be removed or neutralized depending on the volume and depth. For neutralizing rust, we suggest using Shieldcoat Rusty Rust Converter.

It’s important to note that the roof surface must be clean and sound, and all tank water supply should be disconnected before treatment. After coating, please allow for the first three rainfalls to pass before reconnecting the tank water supply.


What’s it going to coast to freight?

It will cost at most what it costs us to freight the product. In some cases, we may subsidize the cost. For orders over $1000, we offer free freight.


What time are you open and what time do you close?

Our fixed store hours are from 7:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday. We also offer an after-hours service on weekends and outside of normal trading hours. This is a 24/7 service, with a small fee of $50 for after-hours store opening and $100 for after-hours delivery.


What is your return policy 

We gladly accept returns on any products that are in resellable condition at the buyers expence

For more detailed information about our return policy, please refer to our Return Policy page