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At Shieldcoat, we’re committed to producing high-quality concrete coatings that not only enhance the appearance but also ensure the safety of your surfaces. Proudly made in New Zealand, our coatings offer superior durability and reliability, guaranteeing satisfaction with every application.

Our diverse product range includes Stepsafe and Concreteshield, specifically formulated to address various concrete coating needs. Stepsafe is designed to increase grip on slippery surfaces, providing an added layer of safety. Meanwhile, Concreteshield offers exceptional protection and longevity, ensuring your concrete surfaces remain pristine for years to come.

Displayed prices represent Recommended Retail Prices (RRP). We value our partnerships with trade professionals and offer access to trade prices. If you’re a tradesperson interested in our concrete coatings, we encourage you to apply for a trade account on our website. Upon approval, you’ll gain access to exclusive trade prices and benefits as a Shieldcoat trade partner.

In addition to premium products, we provide comprehensive customer support. Our team is ready to assist you with the application of our coatings, leveraging their expertise to ensure optimal results. Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone, email, or in-store visit. We’re here to support you every step of the way!

Stepsafe is Shieldcoat's ultimate slip-resistant surface solution. Stepsafe is the ideal option for both indoor and outdoor applications since it is specifically designed to offer greater grip and safety on a range of surfaces, including concrete, tiles, wood, and more.

Stepsafe is a special formula that produces a long-lasting, resilient non-slip surface, lowering the possibility of slips and falls in high-traffic areas including sidewalks, pool decks, stairs, and ramps. Added security and comfort are offered by its high-traction surface, particularly in slick or rainy circumstances.

Stepsafe is simple to use; it can be sprayed, rolled, or brushed onto surfaces for even coverage and optimal efficacy. Because of its quick-drying composition, which requires little downtime, it is perfect for both residential and commercial applications.

For more information about Stepsafe, including technical specifications, please refer to the product’s datasheet.

Shieldcoat's Concreshield is the best concrete protection option available. Concreshield was created expressly to offer concrete surfaces the best possible protection and longevity, guaranteeing enduring performance in even the most punishing settings.

Concreshield is made using cutting-edge technology that allows it to deeply enter the pores of concrete and build a barrier of defence against stains, water, oil, and other typical impurities. Because of its strong and long-lasting formula, concrete is more resistant to weathering, UV rays, and environmental toxins, lowering the chance of damage.

Concreshield provides unparalleled protection and peace of mind for concrete surfaces, including garage floors, sidewalks, patios and driveways. Its fast-drying characteristics and simple application make it ideal for both commercial and residential use, enabling effective application with little downtime.

For more information about Concreshield, including technical specifications, please refer to the product’s datasheet.