Element Wall Insulation

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Element Wall Insulation is a high-quality and effective insulation solution for walls in residential and commercial spaces. Manufactured by Element, a trusted brand in the industry, this insulation provides excellent thermal and acoustic benefits, creating a comfortable indoor environment. With its advanced insulating properties, Element Wall Insulation helps reduce energy consumption and enhance soundproofing. Whether for new construction or retrofitting existing walls, Element Wall Insulation is a reliable choice for improving energy efficiency and creating a quieter and more pleasant living or working environment.

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R2.2 – 90 x 1140 x 580mm, R2.4 – 90 x 1440 x 560mm, R2.6 – 90 x 1440 x 560, R2.8 – 90 x 1440 x 560, R3.2 – 140 x 1140 x 560mm, R4.1 – 140 x 1140 x 560mm